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The effective Ant Bait which kills ants that Pest Control Companies don’t want you to know…..

2 DAYS !

Safe and effective DIY ant control solution that guaranteed to eliminate ants !

Dear Friend,

Are you sick of seeing ants crawling all over your foods at home ?
Worried about the safety of you and your family when your home is infested with ants ?
How would you like to get rid of ants once and for all ?

You might have tried numerous ineffective ant baits or ant killers and have been disappointed with the results, or you may have been shopping for the best ant control solution for your home…. whichever the case, just spend a few minutes to read this article to understand How You Can Get Rid Of Ants for good… in only 2 days !

You might have to understand that Why You Should Never Rely On Conventional Ant Control Solutions To Kill Ants !

  1. Insecticides only keep ants away temporarily. They don’t eliminate ants. Ants return when the poison is gone. What’s worse is the unpleasant odor and hazardous health threats when you inhale the toxin. They are just as dangerous as that of ant bites.
  2. Conventional ant baits do not work. It only kills ants individually when they feed on the bait. The ant colony is not eradicated and ants continue to reproduce and will come back again.
  3. Expensive professional ant control products and services are NOT REQUIRED unless your home is very seriously infested with ants. If you are a normal house owner facing typical ant problems like most of the other house owners, you don’t need any costly professional ant control solution.

Introducing Ant Bait Buster – The Unique “ COLONY “ Ant Control Solution

Ant Bait Buster is designed to eliminate the entire ants nests completely once and for all.To do this effectively, it is uniquely formulated to achieve three-steps approach to ant control by :
    Ant Bait Buster contains a specially formulated ‘sweetener’ to attract foraging ants which are responsible to bring food back to the nest.
    Subsequently, the foraging ants will be poisoned gradually. The bait works gradually and not to kill the ants quickly so that they can feed the poison to the rest of ants within the colony. Foraging ants feed the Queen ant and the rest of the ants in the colony through a process called trophallaxis (the exchange of regurgitated food).
    Finally, the poison takes full effect and two things would happen ; ants will start to hallucinate and start attacking each other and at the same time, gradually die from poisoning. Hence, the whole ant colony will be wiped out completely. There will be NO REPRODUCTION & RE-INFESTATION.

How To Use
All you need to do is to place a small quantity of Ant Bait Buster ( each sachet can be used for 4 or 5 applications depending on the dosage ) around the ants-infested areas and ants’ paths. The ants would automatically be attracted, hallucinated and induced to kill each other without any additional effort from you.
During the next 24 hours, you will start to notice dead ants’ carcasses around the ant bait and within next 2 days, the entire ant colony would be destroyed and all the ants in the infested areas would be killed ! Guaranteed !

Baiting Tips
To maximize the effectiveness of Ant Bait Buster, please remember the following :

  1. Remove competing food source that will attract ants away from the bait
  2. Avoid using insecticide as it will repel ants
  3. Always use fresh bait as stale baits have little appeal to ants
  4. Do not use bait in uncovered outdoor or wet areas as it will dilute the effect of thebait
  5. Use Ant Bait Buster generously at all possible entry points, trails or infested areas

Advantages of ANT BAIT BUSTER :

  1. No extra effort in mixing with sweet food
  2. No unpleasant odor
  3. No sticky or dirty walls and floor
  4. No dangerous toxins

Ant Bait Buster is not like ordinary ant baits found in your local retailers or other websites. It is specially formulated to get rid of ants effectively using the unique formula and “Colony Strategy”, and more importantly, the toxin level of Ant Bait Buster is the lowest among all ant control solution in the market. It works on all types of ant species namely : Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Army Ants, Argentine Ants, etc.


You can order the Ant Bait Buster at the following purchase price of :

Only $12.95 per pack ( 12 sachets of 3gm each )

or at a discounted price of :

Just $22.95 for 2 packs ( 24 sachets of 3gm each ) only

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With Ant Bait Buster, you get a better product at a better price to control Ants.

Ant Bait Buster is the only bait that you need to get rid of ants. Don’t wait until the problem becomes so severe that it posed serious health threats to you and your family ! Act now before it’s too late ! Get Ant Bait Buster Now !

Yours truly,

Mike Speer

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