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  1. Why are your Pest Buster Products better than those in the market?
    Good question. Let's examine our products one by one.

    Firstly, our Ant Bait Buster unique 3-step "Ant Colony" strategy (Attract, Poison, Kill) is designed to poison ants gradually, and not instantly, like other ant baits. This is important as it allows the poison to be carried back to the ant colony so that the entire ant colony can be destroyed once and for all. Other ant control solution merely kills ants you can see!

    Finally, our Anti Mosquito Patch is superior to all Anti Mosquito Patches as its patented and award-winning formulation of natural plants' extracts makes it safe and effective at the same time. All other Anti Mosquito Patches in the market have a trade-off between safety and effectiveness!

  2. How safe are your products?
    Yes, safer than any insecticides and repellent, and safer than you can ever imagine. Since both Ant Bait Buster is in powder form and are designed to poison slowly, the toxin concentration is significantly lower than other ant and cockroach control products. As for Anti Mosquito Patch , it is safe from any side effects as it is made from natural plant extracts. There is ZERO risk absolutely unless consumed orally. Just follow the usage instructions on the website and remember to wash your hands after using.

  3. Is it safe to use your products when I have children and pets in the house?
    Though our Pest Buster Products are of very low toxicity and are extremely safe relative to conventional insecticides, we would still advise you to exercise caution when you have children and pets in the house. To ensure the safety of your children and pets, use the Pest Buster Products in areas not reachable by them. Also, keep the unused portion out of their reach.

  4. How should I store your Pest Buster Products? What is the shelf life?
    Just keep in a cool dry place and avoid any moisture contact. It can be used for the next one year.

  5. What is the active ingredient used in your ant bait?
    The active ingredient used in Ant Bait Buster is a unique formulation of organic and manmade substance. It is designed to serve 3 purposes:

    • To attract ants to feed on it so that you don't have to add other sweet substances

    • To poison the ants gradually so that they don't die on the spot

    • To hallucinate the ants so that they kill each other

    It is with this active ingredient that the entire ant colony can be wiped out completely. Also, since is it organic to a certain extent, it is generally non-toxic to human beings and pets unless consumed in large quantity.

  6. Can I use your products outdoor?
    Yes, you can definitely use our products outdoor. But please bear in mind that the effectiveness maybe somewhat reduced. Hence, you would need to increase the dosage to achieve the same results.
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